These allocutios "represent one spiritual director's meditative excursions through the handbook. By no means should they be considered official commentaries of the topics which caught his attention along the way. They are, however, sincere personal attempts to fathom the ideas and ideals of the Legion proposed by its founder, and to cast a brief but beneficial light upon the spirit and scheme of the Legion."

The Member     The Praesidium     The Works
The Graceful Gentle Bondage of Legion Membership
The Legionary as Apostle
Legionary Service
The Duty of Humility
Meditation in Legionary Life
Universal Mortification
Legionary Faith
The Legionary and the Sacred Heart
Profile of a Joyful Legionary
    The Ideal Praesidium
The Weekly Meeting
The Basic Duties
The Spirit of Legionary Membership
The Basic Legion Library
Three Essential Attitudes
Apostolic Vitality
External Aims of the Legion
Apostolic Leaven
Personal Holiness and Praesidium Excellence
    The Spirit and the Work
Substantial Active Legionary Work
The Eucharist and the Legionary
Seeking Converts
The Patricians
Promoting the Rosary
Junior Praesidia
Promoting Everything Catholic
The Council     The System     The Spirit
The Council Meeting
How a Higher Council Governs
Reporting to a Higher Council
Curia Visitation of Praesidia
The Non-Parochial Praesidium
The Handbook
The Congress
Legionary Discipline
Officers and Governance
    The Praesidium President
The Membership Kit
Visitation in Pairs
The Praesidium Report
The Process of Recruiting
Attendance and the Officer
The Tessera
The Allocutio
The Secret Bag
    Legion Spirit and True Devotion
Tenacious Devotion to the Holy Spirit
Frank Duff
Three Legion Textbooks
Legionary Asceticism
St. Joseph
Venerable Edel Quinn
The Legionary and the Mystical Body
The Holy Spirit and Mary

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