"This book is dedicated in prayer, thanksgiving and love to my parents, Bill and Mary Peffley, who gave me the gift of life, the gift of the Catholic faith, and the gift of the Legion of Mary."

On Legionary Devotion
True Devotion to Mary
The Mass, True Devotion and the Promise
Interior Life of the Legionary
The Legion Prayers
The Four Secrets of the Legion
On Legionary Principles
The Standing Instructions
Perfection of Membership
Symbolic Action
Visitation in Pairs
Material Relief
Sanctity and Legion Work
On Legionary Membership
The Praesidium Meeting
The Report and Personal Notebook
The Work Assignment
Extension and Recruiting
Auxiliary Membership Follow-Up
Praetorian Membership

On Legionary Things
The Handbook
What to Bring to a Praesidium Meeting
The Vexillum
The Book-barrow
The Legion Picture
The Miraculous Medal
On Legionary Work
Doing Difficult Works
Crowd Contact
Talking on the Doorstep
Home Visitation
Hospital Visitation
The Patricians
On Legionary Spirit
The Spirit of the Legion (Part One)
The Spirit of the Legion (Part Two)
The Spirit of the Legion (Part Three)
Tips for Apostleship
The Object of the Legion
The Gospel to the World
Our Lady of the Legion
The Presence of Mary
Mary, Mold of God
Perfection for Mary
The Legionary Promise
Mary and the Holy Spirit
What Our Lady Gives Her Legionaries

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