"...I regard the publication of these chapters as one of the most important contributions to the Catholic literature of the century. It is my fervent prayer that they will be read, re-read, digested, acted upon and passed on by thousands upon thousands of men and women. They demonstrate more than any other composition of modern times the possibilities of the organised aposotlate of the laity. Their secret is that they are a verbal photograph of what their author saw and experienced in action and they spring from a soul on fire with active love of the Immaculate Virgin and her Divine Son...."
Fr. Aedan McGrath, S.C.C.

1. Faith
2. Fear
3. Each Soul
4. Christ Liveth in Me
5. Crowds
6. Nerves
7. Marriage
8. "Weigh the Thought That in Man's Heart Doth Flow ..."
9. "With Vast Respect Does God Treat Us"
10. "I Must Be about My Father's Business"
11. "The Apostle Takes Her to His Own"
12. The Mystical Home of Nazareth
13. His Last Testament
14. The Legionary and the Holy Trinity
15. The Catholic School
    16. "Thy Children as Olive Plants"
17. Perfection for Mary
18. A Formula for Conversion
19. Our Lady of Cana
20. Mary a Vital Link in God's Plan of Grace
21. Brainwashing with Clean Water
22. The Patricians
23. The Human Mind
24. The Mystical Union between the Holy Spirit and Mary
25. Hell
26. We Have Kept the Faith - to Ourselves
27. It Was Ordered: It Can Be Done: but Leadership Is Lacking
28. Upgrading the Legion Work
29. Formula for Conquest
30. The Queen of Mexico and Empress of America
    31. We Must Know Edel Quinn
32. Religion in the 21st Century
33. A Great Legion
34. The Petrine Text
35. The Holy Shroud
36. The Truth is Victorious, but It Must be Presented
37. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Is Incomparably the Best Devotion to the Holy Spirit
38. Islam's New Look
39. St. Louis Marie's Way Is also Pope John Paul's
40. Alfie Lambe
41. The Nun's Role in the Mystical Body
42. Widening Our Horizons
43. Final Testament to the Legion

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